Don't bother asking

Mon, 28 May 2012 | wilfred

If you believe in a traditional god, asking him for anything is at best pointless and at worst wrong.

If your god is all-powerful, all-good, and actively directs the course of the universe, then the plan he is implementing is of the greatest good. Not mostly good. Not 99% good. But purely, absolutely, completely good with no wiggle-room for anything less than perfect goodness.

When you pray to him, asking him to do something, it is because you want him to change his plan in your favour. (If your request was part of his plan all along there would be no point in asking him.)

Fulfilling your request would require your god to do something less than the greatest good. And that would mean that your god would not be perfectly good.

So I must conclude that there is no point ever in asking anything of a good god. Your only hope is to beg and plead an all-powerful, not-so-good god.

Good luck!

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