"Death Star" Galaxy

Tue, 18 Dec 2007 | norman

Imagine a planet Ort in the less fortunate of the two galaxies.

Re: "Death Star" Galaxy Black Hole Fires at Neighboring Galaxy

Imagine a planet Ort in the less fortunate of the two galaxies. Ort is a temperate planet, abundant in liquid dihydrogen monoxide, nitrogen and carbon, and rich in flora and fauna. Having never experienced a cataclysmic environmental disaster, the dominant life forms are insects and cold-blooded lizards. Among the lizards is an omnivorous species that lives naturally in packs, with a skull carried high off the ground, and a highly developed frontal lobe capable of communicating abstract concepts.

After only 60 000 years since packs started to cultivate their own flora, and thus allow dense populations, the Smk (as they refer to themselves) had an individual among their number called Galilek. Galilek infuriated the establishment by sticking transparent silicate lenses together, pointing them at the sky at night, doing some advanced mathematics, and writing about his observations.

When he explained that Ort was not the center of the universe, that was the last straw. They sent him to prison. Fortunately for Galilek, he had some smart friends in some useful places, and they arranged for him to have his silicate lens contraptions, some fern mulch paper, ornithoptor plumage and ink.

One day he requested attendance with the High Priest, and the Queen. He said it was of the utmost importance. The High Priest had endured enough of his shenanigans, but the Queen decided to swing by the prison late at night.

Galilek had drawn some pictures. He had fixed a lens contraption to a tripod. When the Queen came by, he adjusted the contraction according to the last hour chimed on the hour gong by the guards, and asked her to take a look. She didn't really know what she was looking at, but it looked quite pretty.

He spelled it out for her: If God created the universe for us, He was about to take it away.

The Queen understood him perfectly. God was punishing all the Smk for the hubris of Galilek. The High Priest was summoned to witness Galilek's observations the next morning. That afternoon Galilek was decapitated, and a month of sacrifice and desperate supplication was offered to the Great Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer of All, to withhold his fist. They built a tower and placed Galilek's corpse at the top, and surrounded it with torches that burned all day, and all night, so that God could see that Galilek's arrogance had been punished, and that the rest of the Smk were innocent.

By the end of the month the planet, its sun, and its solar system were bombarded by matter, and within a period of what would have been 5 solar revolutions, most of the matter that had originally comprised the solar system was a parsec away. In other words, "The world was blown to smithereens" would be a gross understatement.

So if God had created the universe for a reason, that obviously wasn't it.

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