The Bible as metaphor for science

Wed, 25 Jun 2014 | norman

Prominent rabbis and bishops through history have promoted their religion as a tool for good.

Rabbi Hillel (who died when Jesus would have been about 10) said, "The main idea of the Torah is 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' Everything else is commentary."

Rabbi Akiva said, "All that God does He does for the good." Anything that does not promote good in scripture is not to be interpretted literally.

Augustine of Hippo, bishop of Hippo Regius (in present-day Algeria), came independently to the same conclusion. He maintained in his work, "The Literal Meaning of Genesis" that scripture should not be interpreted literally, but as metaphorical, if it contradicts what we know from science and reason.

So it is within a well established tradition, that I present this interpretation of an overview of Christian scripture.

The Bible as metaphor for promoting human knowlegde and wisdom

God is a metaphor for the truth of all that is. God is the cause of the universe, and that which determines its state. For the longest time, humans believed that that meant God was conscious, designed and planned and built the universe, and that he was just like a human but greater. We created him in our image. But as we have grown in knowledge and wisdom, it is obvious to many that this belief is naive. The laws of physics are a better way of understanding what God is.

The Tanakh documents the development of the understanding of the Hebrew people about the truth that underpins reality.

But the literal fall of the Temple to the Romans, and the gospels, which were written after the fall of the temple, are a metaphor lighting the way forward.

Believing that which sounds good, or only seems most reasonable, is futile. In fact Deuteronomy 6:16 tells us not to test God. This is folly. As a result of failing to test, the temple of our understanding will fall to the power of logic backed by evidence.

Jesus, the image of God, whose life culminated in the resurrection, like a new body emerging from the tomb of unsubstantiated belief and wishful thinking, shows us the way, and the truth.

We must test what we know. We must try to break it. We must try to destroy it. But every time we succeed, wisdom, understanding and truth will rise in its place.

The death of our old understanding brings about our salvation through the rebirth of our new understanding.

Science is our saviour, and our way to God.

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