Athlone cooling towers-shaped hole in the sky

Thu, 26 Aug 2010 | norman

Something's missing from Cape Town

Judging from the people talking on the radio this morning, I think Capetonians see this is their little Ground Zero, and non-Capetonians don't understand the fuss about some ugly old towers finally being scrapped.

It does look like there is a two-tower-shaped hole in the sky. Although I'm sure it will slowly close.

I think this could be how heaven, hell and/or eternity work. They exist in the minds of the survivors. Christopher Hitchens tells a fascinating story about Limbo. Limbo is where unbaptised Catholic babies go. Or at least, where they used to go, until the pope "imploded" Limbo, in a controlled demolition of a famous piece of Catholic dogma. One woman spoke about how deeply upset she was when Limbo was scrapped. Her daughter had died before being baptised, and for years and years she had prayed for her, and imagined where her daughter was -- I guess like a big daycare, with all the little kids waiting for their parents to come and pick them up on their way to somewhere else. In one papal seal, her daughter had disappeared. Where was she? The mother said that Limbo was where her daughter was alive.

So in a vastly-less emotional way, only Capetonians can see a hole in the sky.

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